Here at We Buy Your Minis we do what we say on the tin: we buy your minis, but we also buy your terrain, board games, card games, gaming books and more. If it’s game related we will consider it.

So whether you have a box of Highland Infantry hanging around from a project you didn’t start, or sadder still part-built, painted or an otherwise unrealised project we will buy most things.

The prices we will pay vary; from 30% if the product is new on sprue, new in box or mint cards or books, all the way down depending on condition.

What we want is a good list of what you want to sell, including name, quantity, product code, manufacturer, and the condition the products are in, for example:

* Pox Walkers, 20, Games Workshop, new on sprue
* Stargate SG-1: Roleplaying Game, 1, AEG 2200, AEG, worn with loose pages

You can send the list using our Contact Form or by email to

Once we receive the list we will get back to you as soon as we can with a quote.

It is then your responsibility to package and post the listed items safely.

When they arrive I will take photos as they are unpacked to ascertain actual condition and may amend the quote if condition is greatly different from that stated in the initial contact.

Once we are both satisfied I will make payment via PayPal to your nominated account.